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POSH has new hair and I am in love!!! Need I say more?

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Well, I have a serious fixation with jacets lately. And here is yet another. I absolutely love this jacket. And for the price, I will take it anyday over that *conners* jacket. Only comes in one color thought. But the store is doing so much better. I remember when Crazy first opened. I loved her then and I still love her now. Her items have got so much better. The prices are reasonable too. So its a win win situation for me! And all of you!

Style Card:

Hair: Dylan - Maitreya
Scarf: WPGIII Scarf Coal - MIEL
jacket: Courduroy jacket - Crazy
Shirt: Double strap top - Calypso Giano
Skirt: legsshow! - Berries
Socks: Tube Socks Moss - Urbanity
Shoes: Wo Boots - [0N]

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Ok, This is a bit older post. I was checking out this store "Conners* a couple days ago. Never been there. i get there and my eye caught this jacket (below) I fell in love with it. Being that military styles jackets are in this season. It was a must have. then I saw the price and fainted. Literally. This jacket alone yes was done well. But, for this price I must say completely turned me off to the store. But, me being a fashionista I had to look and laugh. Sorry to the owner. So yes. i looked and was just shocked at her prices. there were pieces that didn't have prims on it and were over 200. And I must say the quality was not the best for that price. So I msged the owner. Never heard a word back. I can only hope she will take my advice and lower her prices. I'm sure she would do better.

My friend had a good point though. The more money it is the less people will want to buy it. Which means more of your own fashion sense.

Style card:

Hair: Naive - (Posh) <-- New!!
Ears: Stretched Ears/Elven tilt - AITUI
Eyelashes: Black Cat Lashes - LeeZu
jacket: Charcoal - *Conners*
Shirt: Sheer Comfort/Gray - ATOMIC
Belt: Stick holder & belt/A - SEY
Pants: Leryk Pants Black - SU
Boots: NAU Combat Boots - <The Abyss>

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OMG! I was away from SL for a couple days, So I have a bunch of new posts coming. But this is my featured item of the day. Wisp has came out with a NEW hot sexy lil red riding hooded lingerie set. It's a must have!
Gclunk (Guh.Clunk)?  Yeah, I know, odd word.  But it's a combination of three (well four) things: Glee, Glam, Cute, and Punk.

Glee?  I'm thinking of the show lol, I love it.

Glam?  New Redgrave leggings!

Cute?  New Truth hair!

Punk?  The outfit I put together!  :D

The  new awesomeness is Redgrave's new leggings.  And anyone who knows Redgrave know's it's perfection - so, needless to say, these leggings are absolutely perfect!

Truth Hair released three new hairstyles last night - I'm showing my favourite one of the three.  I subscribed to Truth Hair so 1) I would know when new hairstyles came out, instead of having to trek to that awfully laggy SIM and 2) so I would know if I could find the hairs on Xstreet... Sooo I wouldn't have to trek to that awfully laggy SIM hahahah.
Style Card:

Shape: My own. (Inquire.)
Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Opal] OO
Top: :::Sn@tch Bandeau Fishnet Top (J):::
Pasties: :::Sn@tch Electrical Tape (U):::
Pants: [*RG*] Legging No. 2 -Black-
Shoes: SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Black
Hair: >TRUTH< Emme - Champagne
Eyes: <<< np >>> Lunar EYES - Water
Nails: Candy Nail #P030 Black Evolution Lady's
Keychain: *Cobrahive* Mono Keychain
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Okay.  It's 12:30 AM for me here, and I'm tiredddd.  I haven't been getting good sleep AT ALL lately so I figured I'll just post this real quick and then be off to catch some well needed zzzz's.

Lots of shiny newness for you today (I almost typed "tofu" there, that's how tired I am)!  Glam Affair released their new [ELEMENT] Collection, which is a collection of seven new black outfits.  They are great for your inner punk rock star, or for anything, for that matter.

ROZOREGALIA released a new necklace today as well, called the *Aludra*.  ROZOREGALIA has quickly become a favourite jewelery store for me as the pieces are simply wonderfully crafted.

L. Fauna put out some new Spring skins a few days ago - and I saw an adorable one I *HAD* to have...

Of course, as per usual with me, I bought near everything from Le.Look! and I'll be kind enough to include direct TP's to the Le.Look! stores.
Style Card:

Shape: My own.  (Inquire.)
Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Opal] OO
Dress: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - CAMILE Minidress
Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA *ALUDRA* Necklace
Boots: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir: Discipline Ankle Boots: Black
Hair: Maitreya - Nimue - Blacks
Eyes: <<< np >>> - Lunar Eyes - WATER
Fingernails: Candy Nail - #P030 Black Evolution Lady's

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Hi hi!  I'm Ocean, and I'm joining Fighting Over Fashion!  This is my first post and I'm so excited to be here!  I love fashion, and showing the metaverse my style is so awesome!  :D

ANYWAY!  Onto my outfit!  I bought everything 'cept my hair, skin, and glasses from Le.Look! but I've given SLUrl's to the mainstores for convenience.  And incidentally, Le.Look!'s blog features a very similar outfit... Although their dress is pink and I don't like pink dresses.  :P
Ocean's Style Card:

Shape:  Custom (Inquire.)

Hair:  Dernier Cri - Raine - Black

Glasses:  [Cos] Collective - Intrigue

Skin:  -Belleza- - Alyson Medium 5

Eyes:  <<< np >>> - Lunar Eyes

Jacket:  AOHARU - Short Rider's Jacket - Black

Dress:  Zaara - Mahari *Apricot*

Footwear:  ANEXX - Leather Gladiator Heels - Black

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OMG!! This one is a double wammy! Well for me! i got way too excited hearing that PR!TTY was back open. I can't begin to tell you how much i ♥ this store. There are a couple new pieces in her store. A nice hair, super cute Lady Gaga like. xxjanellaxx got it before me though! *sob*
So as I'm shopping I get a msg from the SL models group. Which happened to be the best thing EVAR! I met Ocean Emolite. She is a photgraher in SL. She did these photos up above. Where I am wearing the dress from PR!TTY! She did such an amazing job. Also her prices are cheap. Better make your appointments today i know she's going to go far. Plus she's on our team now. But first let me mention. This talented lady does it all. When she's not working for Fighting Over Fashion ( Welcomes her to the team ) She also makes portfolios for models, and custom T's. VERY VERY cheap. I HIGHLY recommend her!  She is a SL tripple threat. Watch out!

Style card:

Hair: Alex - Maitreya
Bow: Little Miss Veil*BLACK* - (5th&Oxford)
Necklace: Pearl Set Silver - *YS&YS*
Gloves: . - Bracelets :: ENIGMA :: - * LOULOU&CO *
Bracelets L arm: Takara Bangle Zebra Fur Set - [MANDALA]
Dress: Striped Juicy Dress :Purple: - PR!TTY <-- New Featured Item!
Shoes: Belt Ankle Boot Black - N-Core

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Ok. Meet AngelL (left) and xxjanellaxx (right) This is our first official blog post. We hope you will like what we have to offer. Watch out for more to come. And remember dress to impress because you just may be next. ♥
 -AngelL's style:
Hair: Apple II - Maitreya
Glasses: {Bug eye} - Mustache
Shirt: Top Crush #Fucsia - Emery
Skirt: Super Skirt - Narwhal
Bangles: Pulseiras - Rosa Cha <-- Hot items you get 7 just for 100L
Nails: TAKARA Bangle/rock/rings and nails - [Mandala]
Socks: Yellow Stripe Tube Socks - Narwhal
Shoes: Spring Fling Wedges/Pink Lemonade - [SC] Surf Couture
Shape: Custom (ask for details)

xxjanellaxx's style:
Shape: Custom
Skin: Antonia dark smokey1 - nude lips - Lara Skin
Eyes: Tragic eyes/Hazel - Curio
Hair: Poppyseed - !lamb
Dress: Neon Babydoll Pink - [SMS]
Boots: NAU combat boots [unisex] - The Abyss
Headlace: Shoelace Headband - =FT
Necklace: Earthstones Beloved Locket - Rose - Earthstones
Nails: Candynail #PO40 Lock black - Candy Nails
Ears: Elven ears/Knight - [Plastik]
Tattoo: Custom Inkz lady2 - iNkZ