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Hey lovers. Took a lil mini vacation there. It was nice to get away for a bit. See some of the RL. Hehe. I do miss my fashion though. Even though I have no idea where I was going with this outfit today. Just logged in and saw a cute tanktop that just came out. I think I have the back to school blues. I'm felling funky today. Even though I'm looking preppy. Meh I am a mess!
Have had a lot on my mind also. As I have mentioned before I have been wanting to work for BOSL. I went to that party, and come to find out my brother that I invited just so happened to get in to the academy. I'm happy for him, he really wanted to model. Which I just do modeling in my spare time, I would rather be behind the scenes making the next hottest look.  I guess I could give it another shot. But, all this has gotten me pretty down. I'm even considering canceling the blog. Not decided yet though. I would love some support for you all! Hope you enjoy! ♥

Style card:

Hair: Carrie -
Earrings; Erotic Love - Gems & Kisses
jacket: DungareeLongShirt - Aoharu
Beaded Yoke- Cerulean - W&B <-- NEW
Skirt: Rose High waist skirt - SMS
Socks: Kneee Sock Mit Suspenders - Pig
Shoes: PowPrint Pumps - Lelutka


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