Posted by: AngelL Constantine

Im back!! Hehe! Hey lovers. Super long time this time. But, when I came back I have a bunch of things to post on. I'm starting with Linc's new tube tops! The one I'm wearing says "I will NOT be Naughty!" There are a bunch more. The detail is great. Super fun top. Looks like I'm set for GOL. Those who go to GOL know exactly what I mean. Straight clubbin top! The only downside to this top is that there is no resize script. This is the smallest it goes. So for the smaller AVs like mine, its a lil big. Just get some titties right? Meh I pass on huge tits! That and being an amazon! :D

Style card:

Hair; Tilly - Truth
Sunglasses: Lifestyle Aviators - Armidi
Earrings: Onyx Jewelry set - Skream/BOOM
Necklace: Hannya - Mandala
Top: Tubetop Naughty - Linc <-- NEW
Skirt: Chrizzpy Skirt - Cynful
Bracelet both from Mandala
Leggin: Roots

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