Yes! I am drunk! But I wanted to post on Truth's amazing new hair!  I said it before and I'll say it again! This man is a machine! He is always working! As you can see below is the latest hairstyles!
Shout out to Dorian! He makes the best kinkest shirts in SL. Very well done! He has a naugyhy and a nice store! It;s called arnadi! He just came out with a new line! The shirt to the far right is one! The girl with a lollipop! Deep throat it bish! Hehe!
Also my girl Reeann, She is sexy as fook shes the 3rd girl in the pick! But she makes some awesome jewelry at Puncture! All kinds of piercings! Check her out!
if you all would like a style card for the outfits below just msg me in world!
AngelL Constantine!



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