Posted by: AngelL Constantine

Feeling the blues today! Going to check out some live music tonight in SL. Should be pretty interesting. I have been saying that I wanted to get around to a live event here in SL. So I got my version of the blues outfit on! I had no idea where I was going with it. But I love plaid! I know I'm a mess. Works anyways though. Keeping it short and sweet today! Enjoy! ♥

Style card:

Hair: Mister Sister - lamb
Scarf: Thin scarf - Miel
Top: KayD's Blue Check Dress - Buttercups
Skirt: Lucia High Waist - BB
Tights: Carmen Shiny Heavy Tan - Insolence
Shoes: Vintage Ankle Boots - Xstreet


09/09/2010 19:38

Marriage is like life in this --that it is field of battle ,and not a bed of roses.


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