Posted by: AngelL Constantine

Hello lovers! Hehe, I am pretty tired at the moment. But, I wanted to get a post into before I went to bed. Stopped by !lamb tonight hoping that sooner or later these people are going to come out with some new hair. I was only surprised that they didn't and went with an old hairstyle instead! I still love them!  Also I've seen a couple people with these cute high waisted skirts. Look adorable. They came from Cynful. They have a couple other cute items out too. I've been meaning to make my way over to Mustache. So, maybe I can do that tomorrow when I'm a little more awake and my brain is functioning.
Not going any further tonight! Must sleep! ♥

Style card:

Hair: Unbirthday Redux - !lamb
Necklace: Karmuka - Zaara
Shirt: Sheer Ribbed Tank - Armidi
Belt: Cinch.Belt -
Bracelet: Naala - YS&YS
Skirt: Chrizzpy Skirt - Cynful
Shoes: Salience - Maitreya

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