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Well you know Nells and I are always out and about shopping. I think that is our SL. I take that back. We do tend to mess with people quite a bit, could be bad could be good! Guess you will have to find that out for yourself! BUT, those who know us, know that we are always in need of new clothes!
Wandering around SL today we found a cute new store that neither of us had been to. Called [N'soul]. There isn't too much up right now, but you can tell it will be a great store once the owner starts releasing some new items! Things only get better with time. And the items in the store are already good and playful.
Hence the title today I wanted to keel Nella! This bish left before I could take a pic or get her style card! So you all can yell to her to her style info. Cept the dress of course is from [N'soul]. Same as my Shirt/Dress.
Had to lulls also with the blood splatter from Nellas Coocah! :P

Style card:

Hair: Poppyseed - lamb
Glasses: Silly goggles - Berries <--Freebie
Vest: Buckle vest - TART
Shirt/Dress:  Erin - N'soul <-- Featured
Leggins: Damaged Peg Leg - Doppelganger
Shoes:  Shin Boot - League
Necklace: Pendant Diamond - SMS
All bracelets, rings and nails from Mandala


11/10/2010 00:52

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11/20/2010 00:05

step foot in them, well Nella took a chance. LOL and she failed she got maybe 1/4 through the store and got offline. Those kind of stores need to be downsized, who wants to take an hour to look through a store? Not I!
Anyways, Dorian the master of kink came out


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11/24/2010 23:25

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11/25/2010 00:42

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