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Omgawww! So sorry it took me forever to get a post in. RL always getting in the way! :P
I feel out of the loop too. I haven't been shopping in SL for like a week and a half. SO much new stuff has come out, I don't even know where to begin. So I thought I would keep it simple today. Which is never a bad thing. I tend to get carried away at times with all the accessories.
Well I didn't know where to start off at so I went over to Pookie Promenade. This is a great lil shopping area. I first found this place roughly 2 months ago when it first opened. fell in love then too. But, if you are someone who is on a budget but loves fashion, this is the place for you. the detail at ALL these stores are great, and the prices make it that much better.
I checked out some stores found a bunch of cute stuff. But, the thing that caught my eye was this outfit below. And I mean outfit! This whole outfit and accessories were all in the same store. I love when you can keep it simple all in one store! i'm a lazy shopper! :P Ok, so the necklace, bracelet and dress all cost (drumroll) 240L !!! Now you know there are some stores in SL that the quality SUCKS ( I wont name names! ) that  sell ONE freaking item for more! i was shocked and proud that I didn't spend a fortune to look fabulous today. Enjoy ♥

Style Card:

Hair: Brande.2 -
Necklace: Boho necklace in Golden Pumpkin - BB
Bracelet: Bangles in Golden Pumpkin - BB
Dress: Citrus ala mode in fanta orange - BB
Shoes: Salience Brown - Maitreya

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