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Love for fashion that is. And maybe a lil romance on my side too! Sorry it has taken me a couple days to get a post in. So many great things are coming. I have an interview with an up and coming model tonight. So keep an eye out for that!
I also have love for Truth. This man is a machine. As you can see I'm waring his latest creation. The bow and band are color changeable. All mod, so if you can;t find the perfect color you can still change it. There is a second hairstyle just like this but it has a braid where a bow would be. Super cute. So in style! He came out with 2 other styles, one for a man and one for a female. Make some time and be sure to check out his amazing hair!

Style card:

Hair: Christina - Truth <-- NEW
Necklace: Treasure Peacock - AddiCt
Bracelet: Rock n' Rolla - NS
Top shirt: Soft ad fluffy dress - NINIKO
Undershirt: Hermana tank - SC
Belt: Military belt - Ronsem This belt is mod, I had to change the colors a bit to get the brown I wanted since the belt only comes with black, olive and khaki.
Pants: Rolled Skinny Jeans - Maitreya
Shoes: Tropica Flip Flops - Addictia <-- NEW


Here above are the sandals that I have been obsessed with recently. They have many colors to choose from, and he offers 2 styles. One is striped great for swimsuit. Also a regular for more casual outfits as you can see above. The color matching guide is made easy, there are a couple presets. Which I have found almost always match w/e skin I happen to wear. A great perk is you can get an add-on for the toe nails and rings! I love love love the skull and cross bones. There are some super cute styles for the nails. All around the pricing on the sandals are reasonable for the quality that you are getting. I highly recommend them! I should also mention they have a barefoot option!

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