Looks out SL! Miss Cieleste is taking SL! One designer at a time. This lady has the talent to pull off any outfit. Designers are clawing down at her wanting her to strut her stuff down the runways. Over her years in modeling she has many accomplishments and shes not stopping there.
Yesterday I had the pleasure to sit down with her and ask her a couple questions before she had to run off into her busy world in SL. She also gave me a style card of one of her favorite outfits for you fans of her work.
AngelL Constantine: When did you first start modeling and what inspired you to become one?
Cieleste Magic: i first started modeling back in october 2008 and then i already loved styling my avie but i had nowhere to go with it. one day i found a model agency and saw many gorgeous pictures of models and it inspired me to become a model. nowadays, my goal is to do the works of designers justice.

AngelL Constantine: What is your favorite style to model for?
Cieleste Magic: my favorite style to model for would have to be avant garde. it allows my creativity to flow with no limit and every look is always unique.

AngelL Constantine: What tips can you give for new models?
Cieleste Magic: my tip would be learn as much as you can and never stop. you don't always need to spend a big bag of money on training when there's tons of models in SL you can learn from from simply watching and maybe make some friends. i never really had any formal training and i learned everything from watching and from friends and i'm still in the same positions as those who did spend money on training.

AngelL Constantine: Do you prefer runway or print? Why?
Cieleste Magic: i prefer runway because i love the adrenaline rush of it all and the art and choreography of posing and formations. it gives me a great sense of accomplishment after a great show.

AngelL Constantine: How do you feel about accessorizing an outfit? Keep it simple or dress it up?
Cieleste Magic: i would say always accessorize as much as possible! but of course you have to make sure that everything is well balanced and the accessories match the style and occasion.

AngelL Constantine: What do you think is a MUST HAVE for all the noobs in game?
Cieleste Magic: a good freebie site!!! these days, the freebies that stores give out are such great quality compared to when i first started out. noobs should definitely take advantage of that. they can look great without spending a penny. x)

AngelL Constantine: What are your three favorite stores in SL?
AngelL Constantine: I say three becasuse I know no one can narrow it down to one!
AngelL Constantine: hehe np
Cieleste Magic: lmao i know too hard
Cieleste Magic: uhmm lets seee
Cieleste Magic: w&y
Cieleste Magic: armidi
Cieleste Magic: aaaaand
Cieleste Magic: hmmm
Cieleste Magic: uhm uhmuhm loool
AngelL Constantine: lmao
Cieleste Magic: maitreya!

AngelL Constantine: Any stores that you keep a secret?
Cieleste Magic: hmm a secret?
Cieleste Magic: then i wont be a secret anymore!
Cieleste Magic: loool
Cieleste Magic: wait lemme seeee
AngelL Constantine: HaHaHaHa
AngelL Constantine: Everyone has a secret store
Cieleste Magic: similar footwear
AngelL Constantine: o.0
AngelL Constantine: haven't heard of that one
Cieleste Magic: good
Cieleste Magic: lol^~^
Cieleste Magic: xD
Cieleste Magic: thats the point
Cieleste Magic: .::LOOL::.
AngelL Constantine: well more people will know now!!

Style card:

Jump Her! Bodysuit from Veschi
Buggy Wallet White from Puddles
Aequus White Heels from Maitreya
Loretta Bun from Miamai
King Solomon Silver Earrings and Bangles from Dahlinks

12/27/2010 17:43

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