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Ok I promise to make a fashion post tonight. But I promised a friend I would post on these upcoming cute lil breedables. I'm totally going to get one. They are a mixture of breeds. Like a cat and fox. Can't remember all. But, you all have seen like the horses and rabbits, they everyone was going crazy over. Which they are huge money makers. Lag makers too. But I have to say I saw these lil creatures up close and personal. The movement is so smooth. They have cute lil sounds. Like your very own pet. And from what I can see the lag won't be an issue for those who like to create farms. As soon as I saw this lil guy I knew I had to have one! They have not been released yet. But stay tuned, they are due to be released soon.


05/17/2011 00:15

Once you want to do it better, you can set your effort to it , and do not think more about the fail. Be confidence to yourself.


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