Posted by: AngelL Constantine

Ok well I said that I would post another on the 2nd top for the super bargain Sunday special! It;s the mesh top. From Atomic. So be sure to grab ahold of those on Sunday! I was attempting be be a ghetto girl! I don't know what I was thinking. You can laugh I know you all want to! Anyways! THE SKIN!!! I creamed! I soooo adore this. It's the Friday themory item at Pink Fuel! It's serisouly only 75L. Her skins are soo good too! The Ember is one of my favorites now! I love the detail. It's not like all the other skins you see. How they all look alike. The make up styles are diff too. So you don't have to feel like your walking around SL looking like the next girl beside you! Hope you all like. I'll post the style card to this outfit here in a bit. Time for me to get off work!


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