Posted by: AngelL Constantine

A couple days ago I was surfing around on XStreet and found a really cute necklace, I wore it in the last outfit, but I was checking out the designer and it was like AHHHHH! It's a team, a girl and a guy. Whipping out some noice things! I am in LOVE! This tattoo that I'm wearing below is from there. There is others also, but it;s like all the work these people put out are freakin fabulous! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am HUGE on details! This tattoo is perfect for all those club goers and DJS who the fook ever! At the top it says Music is Life! Which I couldn't agree with more!
Enjoy! Much ♥!

Style card:

Hair: Mocha - LoQ Hairs
Tattoo: Music is Life - FD <-- LOVE
Earrings: Onyx Set - BOOM
To your L bracelet and necklace: Cord - Fusion
Shirt: Bullet - T&S
Belt; Fresh Hipsy Belt - moloko <-- NEW
Pants: Ripped Skinny Jeans - Atomic
Boots: Ankle boots round - Kookie


S M i L E :)
09/15/2010 14:39

Love the look! The tattoo and hair is fierce. Which skin are you wearing?


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