Posted by: AngelL Constantine

You all should just not look for me on the weekends! I always think I'm going to make a couple posts through out the weekend, and it never happens. I will be going out this weekend, so you got your warning! Hehe. Thought I would try to get a couple in before I party my life away this weekend. I spoke with the owner of AddiCt tonight, mainly because I was bored senseless. Come to find out she came out with a new racerback dress! As shown below! Lot's of colors to chose from, and its mod for all those weird body shapes. (even mine)
I also included the new Glam Affair Sofia V2 skin. Super cute. I perved my sis for this also. I think she should be the one writing this blog, she always is wearing super cute stuff. But she would have my butt if she knew I was perving her styles! :P
Have to point out the leggings also. Emery came out with some new items today! I went there in search of the red jacket. But to my loss I couldn't find it! I really wish they would start putting the new items in a seperate section. Or if they do I'm user retarded!
Hope you all enjoy! ♥


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