Wanted to post on LoQ because not to many people know about this store and it's awesome hair! The one on the left is her newest! But the thing I love about this hair, is the poofs. Like a Snookie! No I'm not obsessed! I just love poofs! SO take a look!
LoQ Hairs
Shirt and pants are both from Just Me!


11/20/2010 00:15

tent and get dinner cooking. We get to the main gate for Lake Nakuru with an hour of daylight left to spare and get told that it will cost us $170 to get into the park and camp! Both deciding that we have so much more to see and knowing that Ngorogoro crater, Zanzibar and Vic falls are all places higher up on our list that we’d like to spend more of our time and money on, we set about trying to find


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