Posted by: AngelL Constantine

W0ot! Well last night I put this outfit together, but I got too busy to post it. Today is my SL parents wedding. So been doing all kind of prepping for that. Then passed out on the couch thinking I was going to make a post. SO here yah go. Enjoy! ♥
Heh I got bored trying to put something together and this is what came out of it. I was feeling a lil country city girl. I love it though! There are some more items here that I picked up at Pookie Promenade yesterday! I love that mall!

Style card:

Hat: Cockles Straw Hat - Cockles gacha machine
Hair: Green - Maitreya
Bracelet: Sanskrit Cuff and Silver Ring - ND
Shirt: Hermana tank - SC
Jumper: Jeanimal - u.f.o.
Shoes Shanti Chocolat - Maitreya

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