Posted by: AngelL Constantine

I was feeling pretty tonight, busted out the pink. I had stopped by R.icielli when I heard they extended their sale. 50% off! Can't miss.  i get a lil carried away at sales. Just buy the whole store! Nothing wrong with that right? I'm trying to mix up the styles a bit lately. And by the last post ratings I'm guessing it was well liked! I was so excited to see my ratings went sky high! So thank you all. I'm glad you like. Of course there will be the haters, but that's what makes me famous!
♥ u ALL!

Style card:

Bow: Gaga Bow - BBD I found this on XStreet awhile back, and I wasn't able to find the link again, sorry guys!
Hair: Sweet Sugar - Atomic Stall at Hair Fair
Ears: Elven ear (Starry) - Gauged Freebie
Vest: Sequins Vest - Fishy Strawberry
Shirt: Henley Hoodie -
Pants: ETA jeans/pink zeb - R.icielli <-- On SALE!
Belly Chain: Pink Hearts - XStreet


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