Ok, so I have been working with one of my bffs in SL to bring you the first vlog. Levio Serenity is like a master when it comes to making videos here in SL. This is what we came up with. We are going to play around with this idea some more. I'm thinking about vlogging a runway show. But, the blog takes up a lot of time! Ask Levi. Poor guy spent 7 hours editing my video. He did a great job though. He does custom work. Maybe you have an idea or job you would like to be done on video! If so, feel free to contact him. Hope you enjoy!
Below you will see some of the new items that just came out from The Dressing Room. Everything besides the socks, and dress were purchased at The Dressing Room. If you have been there before you know that the prices range from 40-70 L's. These items don't stay that cheap forever! So be sure to grab them while you can!


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