Sorry once again for it being a couple days to make a post! Had a wild weekend!
My style has been a bit more punky lately. Only because everyone else if doing the "IN" shii!
Couple new items here! Like the dress from SU! The face tat over the eyes! Also from SU!  And new hair from ploom! I know the bows are a bit outdated nowadays but I never get tired of them!
Another one of my favorite tats by FD! They are the best! I still can't get over it!

Style card:

Hair: Dotty - ploom
Eye tat: add on - SU
Dress: Summer V Dress - SU
Necklace: Purity chain - Skream!
Socks; Maid Matilda - Paeoti
Boots: Hunted in Black - T&S


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