Posted by: AngelL Constantine

I have really been feeling the love lately. That always puts me in the mood to shop! But what doesn't? :P Friends come and go. But lifes lil treasures always brings you surprises.  I'm in a super great mood today, feeling sexy and can't wait to go out later tonight. But, in the mean time I did a lil shopping.
i came across this top a couple weeks ago. This store Ronsem they have a lot of great quality clothes. I had never been there before so of course I went crazy. Just haven't posted on this shirt yet. So many ways to wear it. I chose this summery feel. It is hot and summer after all. Hope you like. Enjoy ♥

Style card:

Hair: Kibt - Mirai
Necklace: Woodball Necklace Beige - SMS
Shirt: Bare T - Ronsem
Bracelet: Nizam Choodiya (bangles) *white* - Zaara
Shorts: Pocket Dukes - KCD
Shoes: Wedge-sole sandal - Saikin

Quiana Caramel
07/17/2010 22:38

Hi, I went to the slurl you posted for saikin but i couldn't find the shop or the shoes, can you recheck it please?

07/19/2010 13:38

Hey Quiana! I checked the SLurl took me to the right place. I know when I first went there it was kind of confusing. It's connected with booN. It's right across from it. The shoes are sitting on a chair. Here is the direct SLurl right to the shoes. IM me in world if your still having trouble and I'll take you to them! Thanks ♥


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