We are on a mission lately! And so much of it! Being away was good, I have a lot of awesome things to catch up on. We love fashion!
We wanted to feature The Sea Hole, well because I had never been there before! The owner does amazing work as you can see. The detail is right on. Lot's of color throughout the store! ♥
She just came out with a new dress. The second photo below! Personally I think it's a little vintage. You know I would have to hooker it up with some stockings and a belt! Keeping it simple though.
Then in the second picture there is the new hair from lamb! (angels fall from heaven here) LOL. ♥♥♥ I ♥. It's a lil Snookish. For those of you who don't know who Snooki is, she was on the Jersey Show, which I became mildly addicted to while I was away!
Hope you all enjoy! ♥
Style Card:
On AngelL:
Hair: Horizon - [e]<-- NEW
Necklace: Karamuka - Zaara
Bracelets: Ramya wood - Zaara
Top: Arrest me top/blue deer - The Sea Hole Featured
Pants: Torn up - Fuk'n'Hawt
Socks: Jam Sarnie - Narwha
Boots; Bebe Suede - PM

On xxjanellaxx:
Hair -fri.day - Cassidy.2 - blacks
Top shirt - caLLie cLine - glitter tank
Shorts - the sea hole - Highwaisted Engineer Shorts (vintage

Tat - The Grungery Hole - japan tattoo upper
Parasol/umbrella - the sea hole - Imported parasol - green & red


The Sea Hole



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