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No! I'm kidding. But, I did get a little drunk last night. I do remember being home and finally getting Dorian (the owner of Arnadi) to do a photo, Since he released some new shirts. That I love. They are posted below. His fabulous work on the photo also. Only took him 15 crashes to get it done! \o/ He just released them yesterday, so be sure to grab one. The one he is wearing is "i love Sofia" cracked me up. The lil fiesty old lady from the Golden Girls. Awesome. His shirts are made for males and females. Plenty of ways to mix it up. Check out his flickr!
I also ended up at a BOSL party, which if you all know me I've been wanting to work for them! Hah, I don't recommend to go to one of those events drunk! I had too much fun! The singer was amazing! I gave him a lot of L's. I'm overly generous when I've been drinking.
Hope you all enjoy! ♥

Style card:

Hair/Hoodie: Henley - Fri
Shirt: Snow Battle - Arnadi
Pants: Ripple Skinny Jeans - Atomic
Shoes- Drunks - UBU

Hair:  fri. - Nicole - Moody Brown
Scarve:  Action Unisex Cozy Scarve
Jacket:  [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi - Cream
Shirt:  [arnadi] - Tshirt Golden Girl
Belt:  [MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/BLACK/MALE
Pants:  Muism* Casual Fit Corduroys/Brown
Boots:  Maitreya Male Desert Boots - Mud


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