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Meet this groove shaking hottie Phoennix Melody. She is super sexy, sweet and stylish. I met her at GOL, where I was trying to perv on some peeps for some fashion. When I saw her I knew she was a MUST HAVE for the blog. She's original, which we all strive for. Well I know I do. So I tried to get some secrets out of her, but shes a toughy. She likes her own style. Can you blame her? So here is the first interview with Phoennix Melody.

1. AngelL Constantine‧: Out of all the places to shop in SL, which would be your hot spot?
 Phoennix Melody‧: omg...difficult quest
 AngelL Constantine‧: hehe
 Phoennix Melody‧: i love Coco
 AngelL Constantine‧: oh nice one!

2. AngelL Constantine: What do you think is a MUST HAVE for all newbs in game?
 Phoennix Melody‧: beautifull skins
 Phoennix Melody‧: lol

3. AngelL Constantine‧: Can you tell us one of your secret fashion stores?
 AngelL Constantine‧: someplace that you love to keep to yourself
 Phoennix Melody‧: let me see
 Phoennix Melody‧: i think..that i never tell where i bought skins that nobody knows...but in that
 AngelL Constantine‧: lol
 Phoennix Melody‧: that skin...
 Phoennix Melody‧: nobody has
 Phoennix Melody‧: yet
 AngelL Constantine‧: o.0 can you dare tell?
 Phoennix Melody‧: no no
[17:40]  AngelL Constantine‧: lmao

She's a fighter and won''t give it up! Will you? You may be next! Be prepared! ♥

Style card:

Hair: .+*Kibt*+.Strawberry&Wine [MS] - Mirai Style <-- NEW
Earrings:  Jumbo Hoop Earring Gift Box - FK Virtues
Necklace: lilcharm necklace - black [S] - cutemurder
Jacket: !_Ce Cubic effect Shirt_H7(black) - !_Ce Cubic effect
Shirt: Hangy Camisole - Black Lips Sheer - FuK'N'HaWt
Nails: Perfect Rounded Nails - Classic - Mstyle
Pants: Glossy Jeans Black - Sassy Kitty
Shoes: Empress - Kalnnis
Tattoo: Dark rose - Original Choice

Phoennix Melody
07/06/2010 18:38

Thank you, Angell. Loved it!!!!


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