Posted by: AngelL Constantine

Ok, This is a bit older post. I was checking out this store "Conners* a couple days ago. Never been there. i get there and my eye caught this jacket (below) I fell in love with it. Being that military styles jackets are in this season. It was a must have. then I saw the price and fainted. Literally. This jacket alone yes was done well. But, for this price I must say completely turned me off to the store. But, me being a fashionista I had to look and laugh. Sorry to the owner. So yes. i looked and was just shocked at her prices. there were pieces that didn't have prims on it and were over 200. And I must say the quality was not the best for that price. So I msged the owner. Never heard a word back. I can only hope she will take my advice and lower her prices. I'm sure she would do better.

My friend had a good point though. The more money it is the less people will want to buy it. Which means more of your own fashion sense.

Style card:

Hair: Naive - (Posh) <-- New!!
Ears: Stretched Ears/Elven tilt - AITUI
Eyelashes: Black Cat Lashes - LeeZu
jacket: Charcoal - *Conners*
Shirt: Sheer Comfort/Gray - ATOMIC
Belt: Stick holder & belt/A - SEY
Pants: Leryk Pants Black - SU
Boots: NAU Combat Boots - <The Abyss>

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