Posted by: AngelL Constantine

I'm sitting in SL right now stuck at a nude beach where I came to take this photo. Feeling a little embarrassed considering I'm the only one fully clothed here. No one has said anything yet. Good thing! Eeeps! LOL!
I was atempting a beach feel outfit. Forgot the swimsuit part of it. But I feel in love with this hat. I was helping out someone trying to find a link, when i realized that I haven't been to SAIKIN in awhile, and came across this lil lovely. I haven't posted in a couple days because I've been having this sock addiction. (If you want great socks check out ATOMIC's) But, now I think I'm going to develop a hat addiction. I'm always addicted to something! P
Also this lil beach bag is a freebie at Berries! Super cute!
If there is anything that you all would like to see me put together, or even looking for a certain look or item. Just let me know, I'll be happy to help! Thanks enjoy! ♥

Style card:

Hat: Straw floppy hat - SAIKIN
Hair: Jennifer 2 -
Necklace: Peal necklace - UB
Bracelet: Bangles_Urban - COCO
Bag: Summer freebie - Berries
Shirt/Dress: Marine Border Long Tank - Aoharu
Pants: Damaged Peg Leg Jeans - Doppelganger
Shoes: Tropica Flip Flops - Addictia

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