It's about 4 am here. I'm at RL work. I got so lucky to get back on the night shift for a couple of nights! Can you just hear my excitement. There is no one online this time of night. I take that back. there is but they don't speak english. I still love them! Just can't understand them.
I went back to the Hair Fair, found a couple more hairs! Stopped at lamb, and of course they never disappoint.
Hobbled my way over to COCO to check out the new items! Came across this high waisted skirt! So beautiful! But, still so sleepy! Someone come smack me around!
Hope yah like! ♥

Style card:

Hair: Heart - !lamb at the Hair Fair
Skin: LionHeart - Plastik
jacket: Tourist -
Shirt: Hermana tank - SC
Skirt: Highwaistedbubbleskirt - COCO
Belt: WrapSkinnyBelt - COCO
Tights: Damaged Peg Leg Jeans Black - Doppelganger
Shoes; Xianv2 Boot - Vive9


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