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I got a new place in SL today! Kind of, I actually just expanded. New family and a new place! And my new sis ( I won't say her name ) but I perved her for a scarf earlier. And it took me to a store called The Dogs, which I ended up talking to the owner. I'm not wearing anything from there in this photo but I will make a post on it! This guy actually makes some really great stuff. He said he has been around for awhile but he had couldn't be in SL as much anymore. But, on this sim was so many other cute lil stores! I found this fabulous dress that I modded for this outfit! Got pretty lucky with the hairband matching this outfit almost perfectly, from Truth! Which don;'t forget also has a sale going on right now! Hope yah like! Thanks ♥

Style card:

Hair: Rachel - Truth
jacket: Dungaree Long Shirt - Aoharu
Dress: Plaid dress - Lark
Leggings: Lycra - KAT - Only on XStreet
Boots: Dr. H High Top - Hoorenbeek


09/17/2010 23:38

Money is not everything. There's MasterCard.《GARFIELD》


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