I have fallen in love with Sweetest Goodbye all over again. I remember when they first came out YEARS ago with this cute lil school girl uniform was to die for! They have done it again. There is a new uniform out, which I will be posting on but not atm, BECAUSE! I ♥ plaid! I creamed some serious panties when I saw this shirt! And there was other items that were wet worthy also! I'm in heaven! CHECK it out! ♥ to Sweetest Goodbye!

Style card:

Hair: Frappe - LoQ Hairs
Glasses: Nerdify - Buried
Shirt: Highway Star - SG ♥♥♥♥♥
Bra: Shiny bra - R.icielli
Belt: Kookai - Mandala
Pants: Ripped Skinny jeans - Atomic
Boots: Ankle Boots Round - J's
Bracelets and nails: Takara Rock rings/bracelet/nails - Mandala


09/22/2010 11:54

all this smokin' gonna kill u!

10/05/2010 08:46

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10/05/2010 10:03

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